Singapore National Day Award – Public Service Medal

Our warmest congratulations to Rajah & Tann Singapore partners Gregory Vijayendran and Kala Anandarajah for being awarded the Public Service Medal (PBM) and the Public Service Star (BBM) respectively in this year’s Singapore National Day Awards.

During the Circuit Breaker period of the COVID-19 pandemic, among other things, Gregory was tirelessly advocating for legal services to be classified as essential services and led The Law Society of Singapore in collaborating with the Ministry of Law, Singapore to secure the requisite approvals for law firms, while Kala’s BBM is in recognition of her service as a long-standing board member of the Building & Construction Authority under the Ministry of National Development. Kala was in 2014 awarded the Public Service Medal for her contributions with another Board/Ministry.

Both partners are deeply humbled to receive such honourable commendation through the Singapore National Day Awards, which are a means of acknowledging various forms of commendable services to our country. This recognition also reminds us of the diverse ways through which many of our partners contribute to our island home and its communities.

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