Rajah & Tann Cybersecurity is now a Licensed Penetration Testing Service (PTS) Provider

Rajah & Tann Cybersecurity is now a Licensed Penetration Testing Service (PTS) Provider in Singapore, regulated by the Cybersecurity Services Regulation Office (CSRO).

Penetration Testing is a service that involves simulating attacks to test an organisation’s networks, infrastructure, and systems to find vulnerabilities and strengthen their cybersecurity defences. As the frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks and threats continue to grow day by day, it is important to reduce risks and prevent any incidents that will result in losses or data breaches.

For more information about penetration testing and other cybersecurity services, visit us at www.rtcyber.com or refer to the Buyer’s Guide for Penetration Testing Service from CSRO website: https://www.csro.gov.sg/files/Guides/Buyer’s%20Guide%20for%20PT.pdf