Council for Board Diversity Singapore’s Inspiring Women Leaders Series

Featured as part of Council for Board Diversity Singapore’s Inspiring Women Leaders Series, Sandy Foo (Head of M&A at Rajah & Tann Singapore) shares her experience growing into a top M&A lawyer by staying the course, and how she pushed through challenging moments in her career (the secret: a deep sense of duty and responsibility, and relishing the thrill of difficult deals).

A “cool head and a warm heart” and believing that “the grass is not greener somewhere else – it is greenest where you water it” characterise her leadership and mentoring creed.

“Collaborative and constructive” describes her dealmaking style.

Those interviewed about Sandy for the feature share that “she has a razor-sharp mind and is quick to grasp the commercial terms and repercussions at every twist and turn”; and “she has endeared herself to her clients for her reliability, responsiveness and ability to understand complex situations and provide practical and commercial solutions. I strongly believe that … you would find it a joy working with her, as I did over the last few years.”

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