US$22 billion Gojek-Tokopedia merger to form biggest Indonesian tech group

Bootstrap Modal is used to add dialog/pop-up to your website. You can use Bootstrap Modal for lightboxes, notifications, and custom content. Recently I worked on a WordPress project where we wanted to load dynamic content in Bootstrap Modal. In this article, we will study how to do it using Ajax in WordPress.

There are many scenarios where you may want a Bootstrap modal with dynamic content. Let’s take the example of WordPress posts.

WordPress mostly depends on post types for managing the content. In WordPress, we usually have a separate page to view the whole content of a post. But in some cases, you might not have enough content for the post. So, instead of showing post content on a different page, you prefer to show it in a pop-up. You may have a couple of posts and so each post’s content should load dynamically in the pop-up.

In this case, the Bootstrap Modal can be used to show the content of each post to the end-users. It requires you to follow some basic steps as shown in the next part of a tutorial.

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